Camille Nebeker, EdD, MS, is an Associate Professor with appointments with the UC San Diego Design Lab and the Wertheim School of Public Health. She co-founded and directs the ReCODE Health center, which provides education and consultation services to guide ethical practices in technology-supported health research. Dr. Nebeker applies a human centered design approach to shape ethical research practices (e.g., risk assessment, informed consent, return of results), which has led to development of decision support tools (see: Digital Health Checklist and Framework and Connected and Open Research Ethics platform). She serves as a member of the World Health Organization Digital Health Roster of Experts, American Association for the Advancement of Science Committee on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility, IEEE Organizational Governance of AI Working Group and the Society of Behavioral Medicine Digital Health Council.

Authored by Camille Nebeker, M.S., Ed.D.


Navigating the Ethics of a New Research Landscape: Emerging Data, Methods, and Practices

Health data and research ethicist, Dr. Camille Nebeker, reviews existing and emerging ethical considerations for health research using new data and methods, and uses an original framework to analyze several case examples – that demonstrate the relationships between domains of research and key ethical principles.