Gavin Arneson is an undergraduate student of nursing and global public health at New York University. During his undergraduate career, he has developed an interest in health policy and economics, as well as the design of health systems and how they contribute to health disparities. As an intern in the US House of Representatives and a John Brademas Fellow through NYU, he worked to develop a research report describing the prescription drug pricing supply chain that contributed to the introduction of legislation to lower the cost of insulin. He is currently serving an honorary visiting research appointment at the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom focusing on homelessness and its influence on an individual’s utilization of primary health resources. In the future, he hopes to complete a Fulbright scholarship in Scandinavia to study the Nordic model of public health care.

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Recent Analysis of National Library of Medicine Database Reveals Overlooked Aspects of Diabetes Care, Including Disparities in Diabetes Management

Gavin Arneson, nursing student and winner of the National Library of Medicine’s HSRProj Research Competition for Students, and his mentor Maya Clark-Cutaia, reflect on the past, present and future of diabetes care and how national trends have touched both their lives.