Jessica Goehringer, MS, LGC, is a genetic counselor and research coordinator at Geisinger Medical Center in the Genomic Medicine Institute. She is an experienced genetic counselor who worked in a variety of clinical settings including neuromuscular, neurodevelopmental, prenatal, and oncology.  She has co-lead legislative efforts to obtain licensure for genetic counselors in two states and has worked as a research genetic counselor at different times throughout her career. Ms. Goehringer is particularly skilled at developing written patient-centered information for communicating genomics-related information. To this end, she has helped to build and populate genetics-related websites. She is an investigator working on identifying individuals who have monogenic diabetes in a collaborative research project with the University of Maryland.  This led to her participation on the expert curation panel for ClinGen review of genes and variants associated with Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY) and on the National Society of Genetic Counselor’s MODY Practice Guidelines Committee.  She is currently focusing her efforts on developing a clinical opportunity for patients with hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (hEDS). Ms. Goehringer obtained her Masters of Science in Genetic Counseling from Arcadia University in 2001 and is active chair of the Membership Committee of the Pennsylvania Association of Genetic Counselors. 

Authored by Jessica Goehringer