Kistein Monkhouse, M.P.A., is a patient advocate for health equity and women’s rights. She is the CEO and founder of Patient Orator, a digital health solution powering meaningful communication between individuals and their health teams to improve health outcomes. She is involved with patient advocacy at the local and national levels championing efforts to combat healthcare disparities through shared decision-making between individuals and their care teams.

Authored by Kistein Monkhouse, M.P.A.

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Exploring Ways to Use Data to Improve Health and Well-Being

Health Datapalooza theme lead Kistein Monkhouse explores key topics that will be explored at next week’s meeting on health and well-being, including health data gaps exposed during the COVID-19 pandemic and approaches by experts in the field to overcome and assess challenges faced by underserved communities, and vaccine hesitancy.
Posted By Kistein Monkhouse, M.P.A.