Dr. Michael P. Cary, Jr., PhD, RN is a nurse and health services researcher whose program of research is designed to improve the quality of post-acute care for older adults, primarily older African Americans, at risk for disability. He uses complex biomedical and healthcare datasets and innovative data science approaches to identify risk factors that contribute to functional decline and rehospitalization among. As one of the few PhD-prepared nurses in the U.S. trained as an applied data scientist, he provides nursing students and clinicians unique opportunities to develop these highly valued skills, promoting their ability to focus on extracting meaningful clinical insights from real-world data. As a PI or Co-I, he has received seven funded grants and published 40 closely related papers in the areas of aging, health disparities, use of post-acute rehabilitation services, and data science. In recognition of his scholarly contributions, he was awarded the Elizabeth C. Clipp Term Chair of Nursing this past July. Dr. Cary been a part of Duke University School of Nursing since 2012 and teaches in the School’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing and PhD Programs.

Authored by Michael Cary Jr., Ph.D., RN

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Nursing Health Services Researchers Stand Firm in the Fight for Racial Equity and Justice

Dismantling structural racism and charting a path toward achieving equity and justice in professional health services organizations remains a priority. Members from the Interdisciplinary Research Group on Nursing Issues (IRGNI) propose sustainable, actionable steps to strengthen diversity and inclusivity of historically underrepresented experts in the field.
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