Dr. Reshma Gupta, MD, MSHPM is a practicing internist, Interim Chief of Population Health and Accountable Care within the University of California Health System in Sacramento, CA and part of the Population Health Leadership Team for strategy across all UC Health campuses. In this role she oversees population health, overuse reduction, care pathways development, and ambulatory quality improvement efforts across the health system. She engages over 100 clinical and non-clinical staff, links initiatives to trainee education, and manages a value improvement data management and analytics team. As the former Medical Director for Quality and Value at UCLA Health, she also led over 70 clinicians in value improvement initiatives across all departments It was there that she designed and implemented a value improvement strategy with the UCLA Office of Population Health.  

Dr. Gupta’s work focuses on health system innovation, policy, implementation design, and education to better define and improve the culture of delivering high-quality care at lower cost for patients and health systems. She works as a senior advisor with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation to test new models of value promoting payment reform. Dr. Gupta serves nationally as a co-director at Costs of Care, a non-governmental organization of over 20, 000 members focused on curating and dissemination innovation to improve healthcare affordability. Here she leads a learning community of over 500 health system managers and educators across six countries.

Authored by Reshma Gupta, M.D., MDHPM