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HSR Workforce Development

One way AcademyHealth works to improve both the supply and quality of health services research is by assessing the skills and composition of the HSR workforce, and building programs that respond to emerging needs. This section includes evidence on the makeup of the HSR workforce as well as programs to improve and support its diversity and relevance.


Reimagining Academic Incentives and Rewards in Health Services Research

This brief summarizes key points from a May 2021 meeting convened by AcademyHealth as part of the Paradigm Project to explore redesigning academic incentives to prioritize the social impact of health services research. The meeting underscored the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion -- among other factors -- in incentivizing research that has impact.
Blog Post       Introspection, Innovation, and Impatience: Paradigm Project Members Speak with the Field at ARM 2021

Introspection, Innovation, and Impatience: Paradigm Project Members Speak with the Field at ARM 2021

In a session at the 2021 Annual Research Meeting, Paradigm Project volunteers described innovations to act on diversity, equity, and inclusion, address racial bias in data, and build partnerships with community-based organizations. Panelists shared their lessons learned for building a movement to disrupt the status quo in health services research (HSR) and challenged the field to leverage Paradigm Project practices to spur innovation in order to advance more timely, impactful research.
Posted Jul 13, 2021 By Danielle DeCosta, M.P.H.
Blog Post

AcademyHealth Chair’s Remarks: Reflecting on What We Learned from the Pandemic

At the 2021 Annual Research Meeting (ARM), AcademyHealth Board Chair Bruce Landon delivered the Chair’s Address at the “Rock Stars of HSR” session. He highlights three areas of focus for the future including scientific innovation in research, broader and more impactful dissemination, and advances in diversity, equity and inclusion in the field of health services research (HSR).
Posted Jun 23, 2021 By Bruce Landon, M.D., M.B.A., M.Sc.