K. John McConnell, PhD, is Director of the Center for Health Systems Effectiveness (CHSE) at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) and Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at OHSU and the OHSU/Portland State University School of Public Health. CHSE’s work in Medicaid includes analyses of the Transformed Medicaid Statistical Information System (T-MSIS) Analytic Files (TAF) data, with projects focusing on behavioral health, reproductive health, long-term care, managed care, and social determinants of health and health equity. CHSE currently leads several Medicaid waiver evaluations for states in the Northwest and serves as the hosting organization for the Medicaid Insights Colloquium, a bi-monthly virtual speaking series focused on Medicaid policy and research. Dr. McConnell has published more than 150 peer-reviewed articles, with articles appearing in high-impact journals, including Health Affairs, NEJM, and JAMA-family journals. He received his PhD in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University in 2001.

Authored by K. John McConnell, Ph.D.


Catalyzing Medicaid Policy Research with T-MSIS Analytic Files (TAF): Learnings from Year 1 of the Medicaid Data Learning Network (MDLN)

In its first year, the Medicaid Data Learning Network (MDLN) facilitated expert presentations and collaboration among TAF experts and member research teams by hosting an in-person meeting at AcademyHealth's Annual Research Meeting (ARM) and eight virtual learning sessions. This publication presents a summary of the findings from the first year of the Medicaid Data Learning Network, including key takeaways for the research and policy communities from each learning session.