Matthew Walton, PhD, MSSW, is a research scientist for the Division of Analytics within the Office of Health Data and Analytics at the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services. Dr. Walton conducts research projects designed to inform Kentucky policymakers as they make decisions concerning child welfare and other services to support and strengthen families. He began his career working in hospitals, residential psychiatric facilities, and homeless shelters in Louisville, KY, and went on to complete graduate studies at the University of Louisville’s Kent School of Social Work. He received a Master of Science in Social Work and Doctor of Philosophy, and is credentialed by the Kentucky Board of Social Work as a Certified Social Worker (CSW). Dr. Walton is especially interested in program evaluation studies of public programs that treat behavioral health conditions in families struggling with child maltreatment. For this reason, he has a particular interest in Medicaid policy because the Medicaid program is such a primary source of access to services for low-income parents, youth in foster care, and other populations that become involved with child welfare agencies.

Authored by Matthew Walton


Child Welfare Reform Package Points to Opportunities to Leverage State Administrative Data to Improve Research and Evaluation

Written by Kentucky members of AcademyHealth’s State-University Partnership Learning Network, this issue brief distills how the Family First Prevention Services Act changes child welfare policy and practice, and offers insights on how data from state Comprehensive Child Welfare Information Systems (CCWIS) can be used to produce high-quality research and evaluation.