May Oo, M.P.H., is a senior research/evaluation associate at the Weitzman Institute of Community Health Center, Inc., where she serves as the key researcher for federally-funded and foundation-supported research projects. She received her master from University of Massachusetts, Lowell. Her research interests include interventions addressing community health, health disparities, and healthcare quality improvement.

Authored by May Oo, M.P.H.

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Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences in the Context of COVID-19

In its latest policy brief entitled “Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences in the Context of COVID-19,” the Weitzman Institute, an AcademyHealth organizational member, examines how the health, social, and economic impact of COVID-19 will result in an increase in adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), especially in our most vulnerable populations, and highlights potential public health responses needed to effectively address ACEs in our communities.