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Welcome to the AcademyHealth blog, together with our members, we promote interaction across the health research and policy arenas by bringing together a broad spectrum of players to share their perspectives. Here we offer important perspectives from people passionate about expanding access to care, reducing costs and improving quality, as well as updates on AcademyHealth activities relevant to the community.

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AcademyHealth’s Medicaid Data Learning Network (MDLN) Research Faculty Explore Promises and Challenges of Medicaid Research Using T-MSIS Analytic Files (TAF) in New Blog from The Commonwealth Fund

The lack of high quality, accessible national claims data has long been a roadblock to robust Medicaid research and subsequent evidence-based policymaking in the United States. While the release of TAF marked a significant improvement, research faculty with AcademyHealth’s Medicaid Data Learning Network (MDLN) outline important steps that state and federal policy makers can take to improve data quality, accessibility, and usability.
Posted Jul 25, 2023 By Zoe D’Angelo
Blog Post

Study Tour Reflections from Dave Chokshi and Aaron Carroll in JAMA Health Forum and The New York Times: Moving Beyond the Health Insurance Debates

In a two-part essay for JAMA Health Forum and a NY Times column, Dave Chokshi and Aaron Carroll respectively share insights from the 2023 AcademyHealth/Commonwealth Fund study tour to New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore that should be instructive for the U.S. health care and policy community.
Posted Jul 10, 2023 By Danielle DeCosta, M.P.H.