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Translation, Dissemination & Implementation

Evidence around translation, dissemination & implementation helps the field of health services research move its findings more effectively into policy and practice. This section offers evidence and programs that help research producers better understand the needs of research users, helps place research in context, and test new and innovative approaches to moving knowledge into action.


Translation and Dissemination of Health Services Research for Health Policy: Key Insights from Museum Studies

Academic researchers have traditionally seen the community of
scholars as their primary audience and scholarly journals and conferences
as their main mode of mass communication. The general
public, however, can also be an important audience for scientists,
and science museums are one type of institution where science
communication takes place. Over time, science museums have
transformed themselves from elite institutions focused on passive
learning to engaging, community-driven organizations. Accordingly,
they have developed best practices for effectively communicating
complex concepts to nontechnical audiences. Their practices may
offer lessons for those involved in communicating findings from
other fields of study.

As part of the AcademyHealth Translation and Dissemination Institute’s
Lessons Project this paper highlights both established techniques
and cutting-edge technologies used by museums to engage
their audiences in learning experiences focused on current science.
The paper also considers the application of the same techniques and
technologies to the field of health services and policy research.
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HSR Journal’s December Issue Features Best of AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting

A selection of last year’s ARM research is featured in the current issue of Health Services Research (HSR). The articles reflect the range of cutting edge research included at the ARM covering topics from EHR adoption to quality measures to patient safety – all with findings pointing to ways to improve health and the health care system.
Posted Jan 5, 2017 By Lauren Adams, M.A.
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HCFO: A Chapter Closes, but the Evidence Endures

After nearly 30 years, the final grants funded under the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s (RWJF) Changes in Health Care Financing and Organization (HCFO) initiative are coming to a close at the end of December. This work has built on AcademyHealth’s broader efforts to get actionable evidence that can improve health and health care into the hands of decision makers when they need it and in a format they can use.

Can Evidence Reviews Be Made More Responsive to Policymakers?

AcademyHealth’s Translation and Dissemination Institute is working to pilot innovative approaches to quickly, but rigorously identify and communicate evidence to inform public and private decision-making. This poster gives an overview of the Institute’s work and early lessons learned in getting research into the hands of policy makers at the right time, on the right topic, and in an accessible format.