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Using Health Data

The explosion of health-related data has created new opportunities to understand how health care is delivered, paid for and preserved. Health services evidence helps us understand how to identify, validate, share and analyze data to improve health.

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Improving Health Equity in Medicaid: Data Needs, Challenges, and Opportunities

At the December meeting Harnessing Medicaid to Improve Health Equity: A Research and Policy Agenda, researchers, policy administrators, and other key stakeholders discussed the various data challenges that hamper progress toward health equity, and shared resources and approaches to improve data definitions, collection, and utilization.
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Advancing Health Equity through Medicaid: Opportunities for States’ Managed Care Plans

Our third post in the Health Equity Blog series summarizes a discussion by researchers and policy administrators outlining opportunities for states to further health equity through managed care organizations. Representatives from Michigan also shared their efforts to embed health equity throughout their state’s Medicaid program.

Opportunities and Challenges for Medicaid Managed Care Organizations, Community Health Centers and Their Partners in Addressing Social Determinants of Health in Five States

Despite a need for financing reforms that better incentivize addressing patient whole health and wellness, the lack of clear standardization of social determinants of health screening tools, interoperable data collection systems, lack of robust health-related social services expenditure data, and financing uncertainties and insecurities present significant challenges for value-based payment arrangements, according to this analysis.

Navigating the Ethics of a New Research Landscape: Emerging Data, Methods, and Practices

Health data and research ethicist, Dr. Camille Nebeker, reviews existing and emerging ethical considerations for health research using new data and methods, and uses an original framework to analyze several case examples – that demonstrate the relationships between domains of research and key ethical principles.
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New Research Proposes Metrics, Measures, and Models Promoting Health Equity

The Preparedness and Treatment Equity Coalition (PTEC) is supporting four teams develop implementable, data-driven research to decrease inequity in the health care system. These projects were identified in partnership with AcademyHealth and a work group comprised of PTEC members and partners.
Blog Post       The Relationship between Health and Place: Expanding Use of Place-Based Disadvantage Indices Beyond COVID-19

The Relationship between Health and Place: Expanding Use of Place-Based Disadvantage Indices Beyond COVID-19

While disadvantage indices are increasingly recognized as a valuable tool to help promote health and prioritize equity, future use of these tools must include investments in data infrastructure, community partnerships, and further evaluation.
Posted Nov 9, 2021 By Rachel Campbell-Baier , Caitlin Otter