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Using Health Data

The explosion of health-related data has created new opportunities to understand how health care is delivered, paid for and preserved. Health services evidence helps us understand how to identify, validate, share and analyze data to improve health.


Documenting the Ripple Effects of Dobbs on Health, Equity, and Health Services Research: Executive Summary

The aftershocks of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health decision overturning the constitutional right to abortion continue to reverberate through the U.S. health care system. This brief and accompanying research agenda highlight priority research topics, methods, and recommendations for health services research to examine these wide-ranging implications on reproductive health care, health equity, and beyond.
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Reproductive Health and Health Services Research Partnerships Are Critical to Understand the Full Impact of the Dobbs Decision

HSR can play an important role in uncovering the impacts of the Dobbs decision on the health care system and health equity, and will be most effective in partnership with community voices and reproductive health researchers. A new brief shares an initial research agenda and an upcoming webinar provides an opportunity for further reflection and discussion.
Posted Mar 1, 2024 By Danielle DeCosta, M.P.H.
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Introducing a Framework to Understand Economic Impacts on Patients and Caregivers

Working in close partnership with patients, caregivers, researchers, and practitioners, Innovation and Value Initiative and AcademyHealth developed a new framework to recognize the broad health care economic impacts on patients and caregivers and aid researchers in addressing health disparities and creating value for patients and systems.
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AcademyHealth’s Medicaid Data Learning Network (MDLN) Research Faculty Explore Promises and Challenges of Medicaid Research Using T-MSIS Analytic Files (TAF) in New Blog from The Commonwealth Fund

The lack of high quality, accessible national claims data has long been a roadblock to robust Medicaid research and subsequent evidence-based policymaking in the United States. While the release of TAF marked a significant improvement, research faculty with AcademyHealth’s Medicaid Data Learning Network (MDLN) outline important steps that state and federal policy makers can take to improve data quality, accessibility, and usability.
Posted Jul 25, 2023 By Zoe D’Angelo