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Designing a Research Agenda for High-Value, Equitable Care: A Summary Brief

This brief serves as a foundational document, outlining the background, context, and rationale for our newly developed research agenda dedicated to advancing high-value, equitable health care.

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By addressing the complexities of health disparities and articulating the significance of prioritizing value, we aim to pave the way for informed discussions and actionable insights that contribute to the overarching goal of advancing health equity for all. AcademyHealth worked in close collaboration with key stakeholders to ensure our efforts address the needs of health care systems, researchers, patients, and the broader community. This initiative set out to:

• frame and define high-value, equitable care;

• generate a research agenda aimed at improving health care value and equity;

• disseminate and gain traction for the research agenda; and

• foster a diverse and inclusive research community focused on high-value, equitable care.

The full report will be released this Spring.


Marya Khan, M.P.H.

Senior Manager - AcademyHealth

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Taylor Dunlap

Research Assistant - AcademyHealth

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