Marya Khan is a Senior Manager at AcademyHealth. She is responsible for managing projects under grants from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The focus of her work is on advancing public health systems research to bridge the gap between public health and the health care system. Her work entails convening researchers and practitioners, synthesizing research results and methods, and supporting their dissemination.

Before joining AcademyHealth, Ms. Khan worked at the Maryland Health Care Commission on policy and program development to support the expansion of health information technology adoption. Prior to that, Ms. Khan worked at the Population Reference Bureau, where she managed policy and communication projects aimed at improving population and reproductive health. Ms. Khan earned her master’s degree in Public Health from Columbia University and her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and French from Vassar College.

Authored by Marya Khan, M.P.H.


Summary Brief Outlines Research Priorities for Improving Health Care Value and Equity

As health care costs continue to rise and health disparities persist, the need to redesign our health care system to deliver better, more equitable care is paramount—and we must have a strong evidence base grounded in the needs of our communities to inform this work. In response to this urgent need, AcademyHealth launched a project in October 2021 with funding from The Donaghue Foundation to advance research on high-value, equitable care.
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Charting the Course to a Reimagined Public Health System

Following a joint convening with the American Public Health Association and key public health leaders, AcademyHealth outlines priority areas for public health services and systems research across the following domains: preparedness and resilience; structure; performance; workforce; data and technology; and financing and economics.