Helen Moniz is an intern at AcademyHealth who works in a support role for the Paradigm Project. Her responsibilities include helping draft correspondence and project media, taking notes for various meetings, and providing data and communication support for the team. During the academic year, Helen is a full-time student at Haverford College majoring in biology with a double minor in health studies and environmental studies and is expected to receive her Bachelor of Arts in the spring of 2024. At Haverford she is a varsity track runner, and a member of the Committee for Environmental Responsibility and Best Buddies. Helen is also a co-founder of Disability Advocacy for Students at Haverford, a group dedicated to holding the college accountable for increasing accessibility on campus.  


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Innovative Study Design Alleviates Challenges Associated with Rare Disease Clinical Trials

The road to the approval of therapies for rare diseases is long and challenging. This blog post outlines how one study addresses this through embracing a multistakeholder approach, removing travel barriers associated with participation, and leveraging historical patient data to replace placebo data.
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