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Translation, Dissemination & Implementation

Evidence around translation, dissemination and implementation helps the field of health services research move its findings more effectively into policy and practice. This section offers evidence and programs that help research producers better understand the needs of research users, helps place research in context, and test new and innovative approaches to moving knowledge into action.

Blog Post

Beyond the Headlines: Using Evidence to Inform Health Policy Debates

As we head into inauguration day and prepare for a new administration to enter the White House, we hold firm in our principle that policies affecting health and performance of the health system should be informed by the best and most relevant evidence.

Evidence-Based State Health Policymaking: Researcher and Policymaker Perspectives

This report explores the general contours of the state policy landscape through surveys administered to researchers and policymakers. The report highlights perceptions of evidence-based health policymaking in the states, identifies potential strategies for generating useful and relevant information that facilitate evidence-based decision making, and points to key strategies in moving that evidence into action.