Dr. Michael Gluck has 30 years’ experience working with researchers, policymakers and other stakeholders to evidence-informed decision-making, drawing on his substantive knowledge of health care financing and delivery as well as science policy. He currently coordinates one of AcademyHealth’s areas of strategic focus – our efforts to innovate the way health services research is funded, incentivized, conducted, translated and communicated for health policy and practice.  Dr. Gluck directs AcademyHealth’s international efforts including collaborations with health services research associations in other parts of the world, periodic study tours for US health care leaders, and our role in the Cochrane Collaboration’s US network.  Since coming to AcademyHealth in 2009, Dr. Gluck has also supported the health policy-oriented research grantmaking we do on behalf of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and currently directs a Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation-funded research grant solicitation focused on understanding and addressing delays in diagnosis.

Dr. Gluck previously served as a senior analyst and project director at the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, as Director of Health Policy at the National Academy of Social Insurance, as Associate Research Professor at Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute, and as the first director of the University of California’s California Health Benefits Review Program. He received a bachelor’s in history magna cum laude from Haverford College and master’s and doctoral degrees in public policy from Harvard University.
Dr. Gluck's areas of expertise include Medicare, Medicaid, health care costs and financing, prescription drugs, technology assessment, science policy, research translation, dissemination, and implementation.

Why HSR?

“I’ve spent my career at the intersection of research and policy, working to translate the technical information the health services research field produces. As the health care system changes, it’s been a rewarding experience co-directing AcademyHealth’s Translation and Dissemination Institute, which is committed to helping the HSR field find effective, innovative tools to help policymakers and other health care leaders use evidence we produce. Not every researcher needs to be a superstar communicator of their findings, but our field needs to work hard to assure that rigorous and relevant research reaches decision-makers.”


Authored by Michael E. Gluck, Ph.D., M.P.P

Blog Post

Singapore’s Health System: Familiar Challenges and Innovative Solutions in a Unique Context

In this final installment of a 3-part series sharing takeaways from the 2023 AcademyHealth/Commonwealth Fund study tour, Michael Gluck and Danielle DeCosta reflect on the unique attributes of Singaporean society, the country’s rapid development, and the potential relevance of Singapore’s health care system for the United States.

AcademyHealth Issue Brief Lays Out the Challenges of Pre-hospital Diagnostic Delay and the Need for Further Research

In the issue brief, AcademyHealth outlines current and potential areas for future research on pre-hospital diagnostic delay. Diagnostic delays in the clinical setting are well-researched, but there is little understood about delays occurring before a patient enters the health care setting, which leads to worse and inequitable health outcomes.