Dr. Johnson graduated from the University of Kentucky Physical Therapy program with her Master's degree in 2007 and completed her PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Kentucky. This interprofessional PhD program enabled her to work closely with scholars in all rehabilitation disciplines as well as in the hospital enterprise and in public health.  Her career experience includes diverse practice as a physical therapist in acute care, acute rehabilitation, outpatient, aquatics, wound care, and providing care in a multidisciplinary ALS clinic. Her dissertation work evaluated a quality improvement project where a physical therapist was added to an existing interprofessional care transition team for hospitalized general medicine patients.

Dr. Johnson is a second year AcademyHealth Delivery System Science Fellow. Her host site is Kaiser Permanente Northwest Center for Health Research.

Authored by Audrey Johnson, P.T., D.P.T.

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De-implementation of Low Value Care: A Tool to Create Clinician Energy for Targeted Interventions

Delivery System Science Fellow and AcademyHealth member Audrey Johnson offers a perspective on the impact of constant changes in the health care system, best practices for de-implementation, and harnessing clinician’s knowledge to target evidence-based interventions.
Posted By Audrey Johnson, P.T., D.P.T.