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Delivering Better Care

Delivering better care is a broad domain of research that includes assessing and improving the quality of care itself, expanding access to care, and understanding the many ways to organize and improve care in hospitals, health systems and other care settings.


North Carolina’s COVID-19 Support Services Program: Lessons for Health Policy Programs to Address Social Needs

As states consider expanding or creating health programs that address social needs, this analysis of North Carolina’s COVID-19 Support Services offers considerations such as building the capacity of community-based human service organizations, creating feedback channels for all providers, and more.
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Advancing Health Equity through Medicaid: Opportunities for States’ Managed Care Plans

Our third post in the Health Equity Blog series summarizes a discussion by researchers and policy administrators outlining opportunities for states to further health equity through managed care organizations. Representatives from Michigan also shared their efforts to embed health equity throughout their state’s Medicaid program.
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New research finds a connection between police brutality and unmet needs for mental health care.

Previous evidence indicates that people exposed to police brutality are more likely to face mental health challenges like depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorder, that Black people and people of color are more likely to experience police brutality, and, that these same populations are more likely to have unmet needs for mental health care. This plain language summary highlights new research from Alang et al. that connects these themes and demonstrates for the first time that exposure to police brutality is itself associated with unmet mental health needs.
Posted Nov 29, 2021 By Kristin Rosengren