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Public & Population Health

Public and population health evidence helps us understand how we deliver and integrate services that affect the health of communities, and how we promote healthy communities.

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Conducting Health Equity Research During COVID: Leveraging Partnerships to Improve Health Literacy

This third post in our Weitzman Institute blog series on conducting health equity research during the COVID-19 pandemic highlights research-related challenges and opportunities in working with community-based organizations and local government agencies.
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Conducting Health Equity Research Beyond COVID-19

This post is the first in the Health Equity Research Beyond COVID-19 Series, which highlights lessons learned when conducting research with marginalized and vulnerable communities during the pandemic, and implications for how to ensure the way in which we go about doing research is patient- and community-affirming.
Posted Jan 30, 2023 By April Joy Damian, Ph.D., M.Sc.
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Rethinking the ‘old way’: Considerations for hospitals measuring partnership work on complex issues

Three recent Commonwealth Fund Harkness Fellows reflect on the need for hospitals to consider a ‘new way’ of measurement as they increasingly enter complex partnership working arrangements, including shared goals, centralizing, community power and ensuring clear institutional accountability to improve impact on health and health equity.
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The Public and Population Health Theme at ARM 2022 Offers Insights on Health System Transformation

Public and Population Health theme co-chair, Angela Hagan, offers insights to key topics that will be explored at the meeting on health and well-being, including health equity in Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, commercially-insured, and community populations interwoven with COVID-19’s outsize impact on public and population health.
Posted Jun 1, 2022 By Angela S. Hagan, Ph.D., M.P.A.