Caitlin Otter is a Research Assistant at AcademyHealth, where she supports the Paradigm Project and the Evidence-Informed State Health Policy Institute (ESHPI). For the Paradigm Project, she provides support to collaborative partners, assistance with event planning, and other programmatic and administrative contributions. For ESHPI, she works on several projects, including the CDC STI project and the Medicaid Demonstration Evaluation Learning Collaborative. Previously, she worked as a Programmatic and Administrative Consultant for Women Donors Network in San Francisco. She graduated from Bryn Mawr College in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology.

Authored by Caitlin Otter


Field Guide Offers Promising Insights for Implementation and Evaluation of Section 1115 Medicaid Demonstrations

AcademyHealth’s Medicaid Demonstration Evaluation Learning Collaborative fostered shared learning among state agency and research partners on common themes and challenges in the implementation and evaluation of Section 1115 demonstrations. This resulting field guide reveals the real-world lessons in evaluation design and measurement.

Analysis of Use of Non-Opioid Controlled Substances and Treatment of Non-Opioid Substances Use Disorders Among Medicaid Beneficiaries

With support from the Medicaid and CHIP Payment & Access Commission, AcademyHealth’s Evidence-Informed State Health Policy Institute, in collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh, is exploring the use of non-opioid controlled substances and the treatment of non-opioid substance use disorders.