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Health Equity

Evidence on how to evaluate, address and improve equity is an important area of work for AcademyHealth and its community of members and partners.

Blog Post       Social Epidemiology's Role in Shifting the Paradigm

Social Epidemiology's Role in Shifting the Paradigm

Voices of a New Paradigm: The AcademyHealth Paradigm Project is profiling leaders whose work helps point Health Services Research in a new direction. Some are new to HSR, others may just be new to us – leaders in other fields whose work is inspiring or applicable. All are challenging the limits of the current paradigm in ways that help make HSR more effective and have greater impact.
Posted Feb 19, 2021 By Kevin Frick, Ph.D., Lorraine Dean, ScD
Blog Post

AcademyHealth today announced the formation of an Advisory Group on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Health Services Research

The Advisory Group is providing strategic insights on how to develop continuity across AcademyHealth’s diversity, equity and inclusion activities. Members represent a variety of lived experiences, racial/ethnic identities, gender identities, geographies, organizational settings, areas of professional expertise, and career stages.
Posted Jan 14, 2021 By Kristin Rosengren

A Systems Approach to Addressing Covid-19 Health Inequities

In this article, the authors suggest that by setting clear health equity objectives, disaggregating data by REAL, and implementing strategies informed by social context, we may prevent or lessen health inequities and be better positioned to address the underlying contributors to health that require more equitable infrastructure and broad changes in policies.

Promoting Men’s Health Equity

This editorial argues that more qualitative research is needed to evaluate the intended and unintended findings from interventions and highlights the benefits that men’s health equity can gain from embracing dissemination and implementation science as a tool to systematically design, implement, refine, and sustain interventions.
Blog Post       Three Key Equity Considerations for Advancing High-Value Care

Three Key Equity Considerations for Advancing High-Value Care

In a webinar for the Research Community on Low-Value-Care, experts shared three key considerations for designing an equitable, high-value health care system. They emphasized the need to ensure equitable care is being delivered by a diverse workforce with an understanding of how to use data to improve interventions to advance equity.
Posted Nov 25, 2020 By Christina Tudor