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Paying for Care

Health care costs are a significant area of concern for everyone from patients to policymakers. Health services research evidence looks at different ways to address cost growth, encourage efficiency and quality, and provide for care via insurance, Medicare and Medicaid so that people receive the best care at the best value.

Blog Post       Considering the Future Impact of COVID on Health Spending

Considering the Future Impact of COVID on Health Spending

As partners in the Going Below The Surface Forum, AcademyHealth and the National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC) consider the drivers of health spending in the United States through salons focused on challenging questions – which may not have immediate or universally accepted answers – as we attempt to push the conversation beyond the usual stakeholder posturing.
Posted Dec 10, 2020 By Raj Sabharwal, M.P.H.
Blog Post

Medicaid Expansion Enrollees in Michigan Make Gains in Employment Prior to Implementation of State’s Work Requirement

Employment and student activities increased among Michigan Medicaid expansion enrollees, outpacing employment gains among the state’s general population during the same time period.

Work Accepted to the 2020 Annual Research Meeting Represents the Best of Health Services Research

While the in-person 2020 Annual Research Meeting has been canceled, the abstracts accepted for presentation continue to demonstrate the quality and relevance of this field. AcademyHealth is pleased to publish this full list of all the names of those accepted to present at the meeting previously scheduled for mid-June in Boston.