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Using Health Data

The explosion of health-related data has created new opportunities to understand how health care is delivered, paid for and preserved. Health services evidence helps us understand how to identify, validate, share and analyze data to improve health.


Child Welfare Reform Package Points to Opportunities to Leverage State Administrative Data to Improve Research and Evaluation

Written by Kentucky members of AcademyHealth’s State-University Partnership Learning Network, this issue brief distills how the Family First Prevention Services Act changes child welfare policy and practice, and offers insights on how data from state Comprehensive Child Welfare Information Systems (CCWIS) can be used to produce high-quality research and evaluation.
Blog Post

Recent Analysis of National Library of Medicine Database Reveals Overlooked Aspects of Diabetes Care, Including Disparities in Diabetes Management

Gavin Arneson, nursing student and winner of the National Library of Medicine’s HSRProj Research Competition for Students, and his mentor Maya Clark-Cutaia, reflect on the past, present and future of diabetes care and how national trends have touched both their lives.